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The term Groupage in international trade indicates a particular type of shipment which consists in bringing together and grouping small consignments from different senders in a given country and addressed to different recipients in another country to build a batch to be introduced later, with an operation that it is called consolidation, in a loading unit which can be either an autonomous means of transport or a subpart (pallet-container-swap body or ULD = unit load device

Our Vision.


In this type of operation, the figure of the forwarder is obviously fundamental, representing the meeting point of the various customers and the point where the load is combined and, upon arrival, divided again. The choice and the responsibility deriving from how the goods are combined together are up to the consolidator. The operator, in loading, must consider both the mass characteristics of the same to avoid damage during transport, and the intrinsic characteristics of the goods contained to avoid incompatible combinations between them from a legal and / or product point of view.

Company Profile.


4Landing is a dynamic, young and innovation-oriented company. Formed by a team with high skills and targeted know-how. The company is always ready to satisfy the needs of its customers in the best possible way.

In the Livorno offices, Pasquale Di Perna , "Captain of the Long Course", graduated from the Giovanni Caboto Nautical Institute of Gaeta in 1982 , will plan all your expeditions. In Livorno, Ciesse srl will manage incoming and outgoing goods with consequent filling, emptying of containers and VGM. In Tenerife Gustavo Pena, our partner, will instruct all the practices in ImpEx with particular attention to on-site logistics and customer care. The FRANCHISING ENTERPRISE formula was also established. For more detailed information on this, send an email to:

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