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The 4 Landing SL, thanks to its network of correspondents around the world, is able to organize complete containers (FCL), consolidated maritime areas (LCL), or combined sea / air transport to and from all over the world.

Direct services and weekly consolidations to and from all major ports around the globe. Door to door services, services for perishable goods, FCL services, boxes and special equipment.


VAT & Customs

It is sufficient to contact 4LANDING through the contacts indicated in the appropriate section of the site, specifying where and when you want the collection to be made and where and when you want the goods to be delivered. 4LANDING does not set weight and size limits and makes deliveries from Italy to the rest of the world, and vice versa, by sea or by air. Once the time and date of the collection of the goods have been established, the 4LANDING courier will report to the sender to collect the packages, guaranteeing a complete service that includes the handling of all the necessary bureaucratic, administrative and customs procedures. In the Canary Islands, for example, with regard to personal effects only, the latter are subject to a 7% IGIC. The tax base is given by the sum of the value declared for customs purposes only plus the relative shipping costs; however, there is the possibility of obtaining the relative exemption if the residence in the Canary Islands has been acquired less than one year from the date of registration in the new municipality of residence. This principle also applies to motor vehicles that must have been owned for more than six months.


Warehousing and distribution in all its logistical completion phases are carried out at our warehouses where we offer goods control services, order preparation, picking with package labeling, compilation of transport documents and delivery to the end customer. Our warehouse, in Italy, is located in Via S. Orlando, 16 - Livorno. The Tenerife warehouse is located in Arafo - Manzana 11, Parcela 1- 35509 Guimar.


Estimation of the volume of goods

Shipments by sea in containers are always preceded by an estimate of the volume of the goods. In this way, in fact, it is possible to choose the type of container / box to be adopted. 4 LANDING verifies the quantities of goods, takes care of all the customs documentation and, once arrived at their destination, transshipments the load, for arrival in the place indicated by the customer.

Types of goods boxes

The company offers 20 "foot, 40" foot and 40 "HC (high cube) aluminum boxes. The former are by far the most used: 20 feet correspond, in fact, to 6 meters in length with a transportable capacity of 21 tons for about 30 cubic meters; those of 40 feet, on the other hand, are practically double with a transportable weight of 26 tons for about 60 cubic meters. Finally, the 40 ”HC boxes have a volume capacity corresponding to 70 cubic meters.

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