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Boat Transport

Thanks to the collaboration with a leading global company, since January 2024, we have been able to offer a personalized service for the transport of any vessel to any port in the world. Thanks to a highly specialized operations team, the care of your vessel is never entrusted to an unknown contractor, so that we - and you - have full control of the care of your yacht.

To load and secure your vessel we use customized and certified cradles and anchoring systems to guarantee the safety of the vessel during loading, transit and unloading. An expert loadmaster will be present during the loading/unloading process.

If we are transporting a sailing vessel that cannot stand on its own keel, we provide specially designed cradles to take this into account and all sailing vessels are transported without removing the rigging or spars.

During the voyage you will be sent regular updates on the carrier's progress and, on board, your vessel will be kept locked for the duration of the voyage, inspected daily and accessible only to authorized personnel. Once the move is complete, the keys and documentation will be given to the owner or a designated representative - no one else.


You can request a no-obligation quote which will be sent to you as soon as possible. 

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