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Do you need Express delivery? 4Landing , authorized by DHL , can satisfy this need. In the " Message " field, indicate: Height, Length, Width and Weight of the package which cannot exceed 30 kgs and within a few hours, you will receive instructions and a cost estimate. Service available only from the Canary Islands to the rest of the world


NB The volumetric weight and the taxable weight


When it comes to shipping services in logistics , there is a parameter that comes back frequently: the volumetric (or dimensional) weight. It is a measure that relates the volume and weight of the goods transported: a measurement that is carried out when the service is requested, for the calculation of the tariff to be applied.


How is the volumetric weight calculated?


  • Height in cm x Width in cm x Depth in cm = cmc

  • Example = 40x60x30 = 72,000 cubic cm


At this point, all we need to do is apply the coefficient to the volume of our package to obtain the volumetric weight: 72,000 cubic cm / 5,000 = 14.4 kgs


To identify the taxable weight, it is still necessary to make a comparison between the real weight of the package and the weight obtained from the formula and choose the greater measure between the two: if the package actually weighed

10 kgs , the measurement of 14.4 kgs resulting from the calculation must be chosen as the taxable weight.

Thank you! The message has been sent.

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